Sweet Fix

$70 CAD

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Sweet Fix. Enjoy the combination of our delicious chocolate bar, hot chocolate, truffles, and chocolate covered toffee. The perfect balance of sweetness and rich flavours will leave you craving more.

Gift Includes:

Maple Crunch - maple syrup boiled to a crunch and mixed into pure Belgian milk chocolate;

Sponge Toffee - traditional sponge toffee coffered with rich dark chocolate;

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar - handmade milk chocolate bar has creamy caramel with a hint of sea salt;

Milk Chocolate Heart - heart shaped milk chocolate bar sprinkled with mini sugar pink hearts and white mini pearls;

Strawberry Drinking Chocolate Bomb - creamy taste of decadent milk hot chocolate with a slight strawberry tartness balanced with the sweetness of mini marshmallows;

Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffle - cocoa dusted milk chocolate truffles with a deliciously smooth salted caramel filling.