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Winter Warm Up

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Winter Warm Up!

Cheddar Crispies by Evelyn's Crackers - “There’s total quality here.  This cracker is rich - I think the richest we’ve tasted - with a cheese-butter aroma and a buttery texture…A very satisfying product, including the deep red colour.  Love the free form rectangles…this is a beautiful high-end cracker…It’s buttery and avery savoury and has artisanal written all over it.  Beautiful appearance, and the crisp cheese taste melts in the mouth. 14 1/2 stars” - National Post, Shelf Life:  Which Crackers Deserve A Spot On Your…Cheese Platter, December 19, 2014

Mont Saint-Benoît - a semi-soft mild cheese with a hint of hazelnut made by the monks of l'Abbaye Saint-Benoît located in Quebec's Eastern Townships.

Mulligatawny Soup by Mitchell's Soups Co. - Mitchell's Soup Company is a family-owned company in Cowichan Valley B.C. who specializes in making delicious recipes that don’t just nourish the body, but the mind and soul too. Recipes are created using the highest-quality ingredients and are triple-tested. Mulligatawny is an Anglo-Indian soup made with chicken, veggies and an apple.  Also great with the addition of coconut milk.

Sipping Chocolate by JACEK Chocolate Couture - The JACEK Sipping Chocolate is a sophisticated chocolate drink that is ideal for a rich hot drink or served with ice in the hot summer months.  Use as a topping for ice cream; add to a latte to make a delectable mochachino; mix with cream to make a luscious chocolate fondue; sprinkle over desserts as a garnish.  This is not your average hot chocolate drink, and is sure to be a pleasant surprise!

Brownies by Carolina's Box of Goodness - Carolina's delectable, fudgy brownies are handmade and baked to order using the finest ingredients; premium Belgian chocolate, local eggs and butter, and pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla.  Each brownie is wrapped individually so it stays fresh and delicious.  Heat them in the microwave and enjoy with a cup of hot Jacek Sipping Chocolate for a special treat!
Honey Butter by Crerar's Honey - Four generations of Crerars have been keeping bees since 1914 in Vernon, Ontario.  The family explains that the environment strongly influences honey production. Weather affects flowering seasons, which affect the bees' ability to collect nectar, which affects honey production.  Quality is of the utmost importance. Care is taken in every step of this labour intensive process, from collecting, extracting, and packaging, to storage and delivery.  If you have never tasted Honey Butter before, your taste buds are about to dance in celebration!  Honey Butter is delicious on toast in the morning. 


May contain traces of nuts and dairy; contains gluten.