Ultimate Breakfast

$150 CAD

The perfect gift basket for the breakfast lover in your life.

Joe the Dog Coffee - morning blend ground coffee;

Bear Naked Fruit & Nut Granola - irresistible flavours and bountiful chucks of hearty almonds, pecans, raisins, tart cranberries and whole grain oats;

Almost Perfect Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix - make mouth watering pancakes or crêpes with this mix that is created using a recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation. Almost Perfect Pancake Mix is made using only organic and natural ingredients;

Golden Maples - Maple Syrup - pure organic Grade A maple syrup, with a dark robust taste;

Chocolate Biscotti - crunchy, crisp and very flavourful, perfect for dipping;

Dried Prunes - extra soft dried prunes;

Almond Biscotti - crunchy, crisp and very flavourful, perfect for dipping;

Dark Chocolate Shortbread - exceptional Callebaut dark chocolate shortbread for a transformational experience;

Rose & Wild Raspberry Jelly - this jelly brings out the subtle flavours of flowers and wild fruits, smoothly delicious and enticing. It is delicious with croissants or bagels and fresh goat cheese; 

Estate Darjeeling Tea - while it is categorized as "black tea" one of the unique features of Darjeeling is that it actually ranges from green to oolong to black in every batch;

Smoked Honey - incredible, naturally-smoked honey for a special addition to your cheese board.