To Your Health

$75 CAD

This gift basket features food, snacks and beverage that are both delicious and packed with healthy nutrients.  Perfect for the health nut in your life!

Crispy Apple Chips - the perfect chip should be not only crunchy and good tasting, but also as guilt free as the apples in an orchard. You can enjoy a healthy snack thats all apple with just a dash of indulgence.   Grown and made by Martin’s Family Fruit Farm, artisanal; Waterloo, Ontario; 64g;

Vanilla Macaroons - These rich and tender vanilla macaroons will seduce your taste buds.  Filled with organic coconut and almonds and sweetened exclusively with organic maple syrup.  Koukla Delights; Montreal, Québec; artisanal; organic; vegan; raw; dairy and gluten free; GMO free; 120g;

Roasted Chickpeas - versatile and pack a powerful nutritional punch with iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc, protein and fibre.  Enjoy as a snack or use as topper for your salad.  Grown, harvested and roasted by Three Farmers; Midale, Saskatchewan; artisanal; GMO free; gluten free; as seen on The Dragons Den; 120g;

Kombucha - Why, after a single sip, do you suddenly want to accomplish everything on your life's "bucket list"? Kombucha contains organic acids, polysaccharides, polyphenols; enzymes and microorganisms which combined help detoxify the liver, aid digestion, neutralize toxins, boost the immune system and your energy levels.  Made by Rise; Montreal, Québec, artisanal; organic; raw; GMO free; gluten free; 414ml;

Classic Chicken & Herb Soup - Truly a classic, this thick traditional chicken soup is loaded with tasty herbs for lots of flavour.  Mitchell’s Soup Company; Duncan, British Columbia; artisanal;

Salted Herbs Almonds - crunchy California almonds roasted and seasoned to perfection by Les Amends de Maribel; Luskville, Québec; 100g;

Dry Blueberry Pearls - Enjoy the benefits of dried wild blueberries from Lac Saint-Jean, Québec, coated with dark chocolate while sweetening your sweet tooth. Dried fruits keep the same antioxidant properties as fresh fruits.  La Maison du Bleuet; Saint-Félice, Québec, artisanal, 100g.