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The Northern Harvest Rye

$142 CAD

A gift basket featuring Crown Royal's award winning Northern Harvest Rye and delicious artisan treats that will pair along nicely.


The Northern Harvest Rye gift basket includes:

Northern Harvest Rye by Crown Royal Canadian rye grain add to the character of this award-winning whisky. Aromas of baking spice, cooked apple and pear, rye bread, caramel and apricot. The taste is delicately sweet, creamy and rounded,with flavours of sweet spice, pepper, vanilla, butterscotch, toasted nut and caramel with notes of oak, marmalade, anise on a warm, elegant finish. 750 ml. Alcohol/Vol 45.0%. Made in Canada.

Whiskey Truffles - dark chocolate truffles made with Canadian whiskey and drizzled with white chocolate

Artisan Chocolate Almonds - crunchy almonds are coated in dark chocolate

Bacon Salted Caramels - bacon salt, caramel and dark chocolate. Does it need anymore explaining?

Cayenne Caramel Popcorn - is a simply perfect blend of puffy sweetness and crispy crunch that harkens back to the authentic days of big top carnivals and old tyme country festivals with just a hint of fire to liven up your taste buds

Bourbon Caramels - chewy bourbon caramels enrobed in dark chocolate

Smoky Bacon Peanut Brittle - Handcrafted candy containing chunks of real smoky bacon

Furious Barbecue Crackers - light crispy baked crackers with delicious smokey barbecue flavour

Gruyere Biscuits - a delicious cheese nibble made with authentic Gruyere cheese

Kickn' Beer Nuts - these slow roasted candied peanuts and almonds sport a hot and spicy kick, with a good dose of chipolte and habanero spices