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The Canadian

$105 CAD

Send a bit of Canada to ex-pat friends, overseas family, or your favourite Canadian.


This gift box includes:

Tim Hortons Fine Grind Coffee - a true Canadian favourite, always fresh, always Tim Hortons

TreeWell Beverage - a sparkling beverage crafted using Canadian maple sap

Maple Syrup - 100% pure Canadian maple syrup, free of preservatives or additives

Maple Butter - a caramel-like maple syrup spread made from 100% pure Canadian maple syrup without additives

Vanilla Bean Pancake & Crêpe Mix - made using only natural ingredients and real vanilla beans

Ice Wine Truffles - dark chocolate truffles infused with ice wine from the Niagara region

Polar Bear Droppings - milk chocolate coated cashews

Whisky Caramels - chocolate-covered Canadian whisky caramels

Canada 150 - dark chocolate maple leaf commemorating Canada's 150 anniversary.


 Contains nuts, gluten and dairy.