The Apothic Delight

$152 CAD

The perfect gift for any occasion - A nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon paired with an assortment of cheese, crackers and cheese pleaser.

Gift includes:

Gouda & Chive Biscuits - 18-month aged Gouda is baked through the biscuit with fresh chives; 

Apothic Cab - a smooth and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon;

Charcoal Squares - all-butter charcoal crackers, with a crumbly texture and delicate flavour - a stylish partner for cheese;

Cheddar & Thyme Shortbread - rich savoury shortbread to accompany cheese;

Sriracha Almonds - crunchy California almonds roasted and seasoned with spicy Sriracha sauce; Les Amandes de Maribel; 

Chocolate Honeycomb Bar - premium Belgian dark chocolate with a caramel centre; 

Parmesan & Rosemary Shortbread - rich savoury shortbread to accompany cheese;

Cherry Merlot Cheese Companion - the cherries and velvety Merlot wine in this luxurious jam conspire to take your cheese board to new flavour heights;

Frère Jacques - firm cheese with an orange-yellow rind and a nutty flavour; 

Caramelized Hazelnuts - roasted hazelnuts with a caramelized coating to die for; 

Small Hammered Spoon - elevate your coffee or tea routine with this classy and contemporary Small Hammered Spoon. Crafted from nickel-plated brass, this intricately crafted, hammered-texture spoon is perfect for stirring or serving up anything from coffee to desserts;

Mont Saint-Benoît -  a semi-soft cheese with mild flavours of hazelnut and butter;

Smoked Honey - incredible, naturally-smoked honey for a special addition to your cheese board.

Must be legal drinking age to order and receive.