Tea Lover

$146 CAD

The ancient ritual of tea is meditative and brings peace.  It's a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate life.


The Tea Lover gift box includes:

Tea Cup - an elegant, porcelain tea cup; the cover keeps tea hot, while the hole in the the lid reveals the leaf of Tea Forté's iconic pyramid infusers. After steeping, remove the lid to enjoy an aromatic cup of tea. 

Sugar & Creamer - this mini porcelain sugar & creamer set is sized for one and the slightly tapered teardrop shape adds modern sophistication to the simple and classic design.

Tea Infuser - Tea Forté's iconic, pyramid-shaped loose tea infuser to steep and enjoy a most elegant cup.

Tea Trays - Tea Forté’s ceramic tea tray sets, monogrammed with their logo in gold ink, offer a dramatic presentation for serving tea. Perfect for capturing the drips after steeping.

Bamboo Tray - Tea Forté's artful bamboo serving tray is the perfect way to bring tea, a scone, and a note of love to someone curled up in a cozy spot. 

English Breakfast Loose Tea - from India's Assam growing region and famous Sewpur Estate, an outstanding example of a rich and robust organic tea - Award Winner at the North American Tea Championships.

Earl Grey Loose Tea - an exceptional blend of stunningly superb Organic Assam tea leaves infused with cold-pressed Italian Bergamot oil from the citrus fruit grown in Bergamo, Italy. Considered to be one of the most popular teas in the West, this an even greater grey with a sprinkling of organic cornflowers to create a rich, full-bodied cup for those who enjoy their tea with milk for the perfect classic.

Single Steeps Loose Tea Trio - three different teas by Tea Forté waiting to be sampled.

Wildflower Honey - honey is similar to wine whereby it varies with each vintage as nature reveals different plants and flowers for the bees to gather nectar.

Biscotti - two crunchy biscotti, gingersnap and 5 star chocolat 

Packaged in a keepsake box worthy of this exquisite present.