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Sweet Little Girl

$115 CAD

Welcome to the world that beautiful little girl with this diaper cake that will guarantee to please. The diaper cake is filled with wonderful gifts for baby and mommy.


Diaper Cake Includes:

Cottontail Coat - an adorable little coat featuring satin bow details, bunny ears and a little bunny tail, size 6-12 months

Cottontail Plush - extremely soft pink rattling plush bunny rabbit

Lulujo Washcloths - ultra-soft for baby's sensitive skin and made of organically grown cotton

Bunny Pacifier Clip - adorned with a little rattling bunny, this really cute pacifier clip safely holds onto baby's soother with a velcro enclosure

Lil' Bunny Rattle - features a soft narrow ring to allow little hands to grasp on with ease

Bunny Booties - size 6-12 months

Diapers - 46 size two Pampers diapers

"Welcome Little One" Bath Salts - infuse the soft smell of warm vanilla to soak that belly, packet is enough for two baths


Food may contain traces of nuts, dairy or gluten.