Sparkling Wine & Cheese

$106 CAD

This wine and cheese gift includes a few surprises.

Sparkling Wine Chips - Spanish potato chips with sparkling wine flavour;

Ruffino Proseccoa fresh, crisp, vibrant Italian sparkling wine with attractive aromas of freshly cut lemon and lime;

Sea Salt Pistachio - salted pistachios covered with milk chocolate;

Lemon Dark Chocolate - smooth dark chocolate with lemon flavour;

Cherry Merlot Cheese Companion - the cherries and velvety Merlot wine in this luxurious jam conspire to take your cheese board to new flavour heights;

Godminster Organic Cheddar - matured for 12 months giving it a rich depth of flavour with a smooth and creamy texture; 

Cheddar & Thyme Shortbread - rich savoury shortbread to accompany cheese;

Blood Orange Caramel Dark Chocolate - smooth dark chocolate with blood orange flavours and gooey caramel;

Dried Figs - soft dried figs to accompany cheese.

Must be of legal drinking age to order or receive.