Soothing Pleasure

$120 CAD

Perfect for that extra loving care:

Lavender Fouta Blanket - extra soft and beautiful, perfect for that extra layer on cool evenings or after a bath; use at the beach or even at home as a tablecloth,  this very versatile white and lavender herringbone woven fouta is made of 100% cotton; 150 x 250 cm;

Mustard Bath - the therapeutic properties of mustard go to work ridding toxins from the skin, while the spirit of wintergreen, eucalyptus and rosemary surround Mom in a curative cape, leaving her feeling top-notch;

Biscotti - crunch, crisp and very flavourful, perfect for dipping; 3 flavours (Almond, Ginger Snap and 5-Star Chocolate);

Single Steep Tea - 3 sachets of assorted herbal teas;

Petit Fours Soaps - made using natural ingredients, these guest-sized soaps come in pack of four scents: Om Shanti, Calendula, Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit & Vanilla.