Loving Grandfather

$174 CAD

Send your grandfather a gift that shows just how much you love him.

Auchentoshan Three Wood Lowland Single Mal Scotch Whisky - uniquely matured in three cask types (American Bourbon, Spanish Oloroso sherry and Perdro Ximenez sherry) creating a rich bronze colour; lovely aromas while the palate remains fruity and nutty with a fresh oaky and sweet finish;

Me & My Grandson Frame - ivory frame made of ceramic - holds 4 x 6 picture;

Gouda & Chive Biscuits - 18-month aged Gouda is baked through the biscuit with fresh chives;

Dried Apricots - extra soft dried apricots;

Olives with Blue Cheese - green Manzanilla Olives stuffed with Blue Cheese;

Godminster Organic Cheddar - a deliciously soft and creamy cheddar matured for up to 12 months producing a rich depth of flavour;

Savoury Cheese Wafers - fine, crunchy waffle style wafer with cheese and for cheese; 

Salted Cashews - picked by hand, roasted and lightly salted.

Must be legal drinking age to order and receive.