Healing Comfort

$135 CAD

A lovely gift for someone who's feeling under the weather or in need of some good quailty R&R.

Gift Includes:

Lavender Fouta Blanket - extra soft and beautiful, perfect for that extra layer on cool evenings or after a bath; use at the beach or even at home as a tablecloth,  this very versatile white and lavender herringbone woven fouta is made of 100% cotton;

Ruffino Prosecco - a fresh, crisp, vibrant Italian sparkling wine with attractive aromas of freshly cut lemon and lime;

Lily of the Valley Soap - handmade using a cold saponification method, making this soap a real treat for the skin;

Honey Comb Milk Chocolate Bar - this sweet and nostalgic bar combines the finest honeycomb with single-origin chocolate from Colombia;

Essential Oils Instant Hand Repair - nurture dry, wounded hands back to health with protective mango and Shea butters, moisture giving olive oil and shielding soybean oil, work hand-in-hand to help rebound and recuperate from harsh dehydration;

Mustard Bath Bliss - let the therapeutic properties of mustard go to work pulling nasty toxins from your skin, while the spirit of wintergreen, eucalyptus and rosemary surround you in a curative cape, leaving you feeling top-notch.


Must be legal drinking age to order and receive.