Gluten Free Gourmet Wine & Cheese Gift Basket

$122 CAD

A completely gluten free gift basket with for the wine & cheese lover in your life!

Gift Includes:

Black Truffles Chips - crispy chips salted and flavoured with black truffle;

Apothic Red - ruby colour; aromas include plum, blackberry, spice notes, raspberry and vanilla; medium body; layers of ripe fruit and vanilla flavours with a long finish;

Nicole Noisette Cookies - crunchy hazelnut cookies;

Green & Black Olive Tapenade - chunky tapenade made with green and black olives, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and Greek basil;

Smoked Chilli Nut Mix Tin -  cashews, almonds, and giant corn, are hand roasted and seasoned with a smoked flavour and intense chilli kick;

Coconut Almonds - crunchy whole roasted almonds are layered with crisp, tropical coconut flakes; rich, creamy white chocolate; and sumptuous dark chocolate;

Dried Figs - extra soft dried figs to accompany cheese;

Lindt Cranberry & Nuts Dark Chocolate Bar - pieces of almond, hazelnut, and sweet cranberry that are surrounded by Lindt’s gourmet Swiss dark chocolate for rich flavour;

Peppery Mission Fig Cheese Pleaser - peppery mission fig cheese pleaser, perfect paired with any cheese and crackers;

Honey - 100% pure unpasteurized honey delivers the best flavours;


Frère Jacques - firm cheese with an orange-yellow rind and a nutty flavour;

Noyan - this semi soft cheese is both supple yet flexible with aroma reminiscent of fresh mushrooms and the taste of milk and nuts;

Maple Syrup Truffles - delicious maple syrup truffles coated with cocoa powder;

Cherry Merlot Cheese Companion - the cherries and velvety Merlot wine in this luxurious jam conspire to take your cheese board to new flavour heights.

Must be legal drinking age to order and receive.