Fire Cracker

$109 CAD

Gift includes:

Rose Gold Popcorn - an unexpected and fun choice when making popcorn at home. These all natural, rose colored kernels become bright white when popped;

Chilli Crackers - intentionally subtle, to never overwhelm the cheese. Flavoured with chilli for a little kick;

Charcoal Wafers - dark and crisp wafers. Hexagonal wafers made with stone-ground flour, grown and milled in England;

Sriracha Almonds - almonds dusted in sriracha;

Cranberry Orange & Szechuan Pepper Compote - we recommend this compote with duck, mild sausage or wild meat terrine;

Spicy Sea Salt - a few pinches of Spicy Sea Salt adds wonderful heat and flavor to a bowl of fresh popcorn;

St-Augustin - an orange-tinted firm Swiss-type cheese with a hazelnut flavour;

Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger - classic combination of Australian candied ginger enrobed in dark chocolate;

Assorted Truffles - six handmade assorted chocolate truffles each with a unique ganache centre.