Fire Cracker

$108 CAD

Gift includes:

Rosemary Cracker - crunchy waffle style wafer with rosemary and sea salt that pairs well with wine and cheese; 

Chilli Crackers - intentionally subtle, to never overwhelm the cheese. Flavoured with chilli for a little kick;

Salted Cashews - picked by hand, roasted and lightly salted;

Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger - classic combination of Australian candied ginger enrobed in dark chocolate;

Frère Jacques - firm cheese with an orange-yellow rind and a nutty flavour;

Olives with Jalapeño - green Manzanilla Olives stuffed with Jalapeño;

Assorted Truffles - six handmade assorted chocolate truffles each with a unique ganache centre;


Smoked Honey - incredible, naturally-smoked honey for a special addition to your cheese board;

Green & Black Olive Tapenade - chunky tapenade made with green and black olives, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and Greek basil.