ChocoFix - A Chocolate Subscription

$30 CAD

* NEW * 

Know someone who loves their chocolate?  But not just any chocolate - velvety artisan chocolates crafted with the finest ingredients and found in the best chocolate boutiques.  We promise to curate only the best chocolate we can find in the country and sometimes from other parts of the world. 

How It Works:

Subscribe for a minimum of 3-weeks and every week, we'll send you the selection of the week.  Once the subscribe is over, you can either re-subscribe or move on.

Taster - for those who don't want to just take our word for it, have a taste and see what you think (3 weekly selections);

Lover - so you loved it but aren't quite ready for a long-term relationship (6 weekly selections);

Devotee - you're committed but still what the option to reassess your life choices every couple of months (9 weekly sections);

Addict - you're hooked and want to keep it coming until you tell us to stop (weekly section for as long as you want).

Whichever option is right for you, or your special someone, you pay for every 3-week chocolate wave.