Cheese Snacker

$56 CAD

This perfect savoury snack includes:

Parmesan & Rosemary Shortbreads - the classic combination of Parmesan and rosemary makes for a delicious savoury shortbread;

Sweet Spiced Pecans & Almonds - sweet with just a hint of spice; enjoy on their own or add to a salad;

Le Coeur du Village - artisanal cheddar cheese with distinctive veins of red wine;

Fig, Date & Maple Cheese Topper - delicious with half baked cheddar cheeses;

Salted Caramel Crispy Thins - crunchy Belgian milk chocolate with a delicious hint of caramel and sea salt;

Soft Maple Candy - soft and sweet maple candy in the shape of a maple leaf;

La Pralinette - Belgian milk chocolate with crunchy caramelized hazelnut pieces.