Canadian Maple

$99 CAD

"I'm not from a maple producing area
and so my maple syrup credentials are
very much of the eating side."

- Nancy Green

Send a bit of Canada to ex-pat friends, overseas family, or your favourite Canadian.


The Canadian Maple gift box includes:

Maple Syrup - 100% pure Canadian maple syrup, free of preservatives or additives

Stained-Glass Maple Leaf - handmade by Orangeville artist, Michelle E. Hiltz, this creative piece is sure to be treasured for decades

Maple Hard Candy - the rich flavor and deep color of these translucent, leaf-shaped hard candies come from pure maple syrup

Maple Butter - a caramel-like maple syrup spread made from 100% pure Canadian maple syrup without additives

Maple & Fleur de Sel Almonds - Californian almonds are coated with a delicious combination of maple syrup and fleur de sel

Maple Waffles - two waffle cookies with saturated in maple syrup

Maple Cream Cookies - maple leaf shaped cookie sandwich with a maple cream centre

Polar Bear Droppings - milk chocolate coated cashews

Cream Fudge - velvety smooth creamy maple syrup fudge