Boys' Night In

$95 CAD

Let them have their fun.  Bushels of it.

Bushel includes:

Beau’s Lug-Tread Beer - Lug-Tread Layered Ale is multi-award-winning, and versatile enough to suit all seasons and every occasion; all natural; 5.2% alcohol; Ottawa Ontario; 2 bottles of 600ml;

Hardbite Jalapeño Chips - these Jalapeño chips can best be compared to an adrenaline rush: exciting, daring and darn satisfying; artisanal; gluten-free; farmer grown; Kettle Valley Railroad, British Columbia; 150g;

Cayenne Popcorn - a simply perfect blend of puffy sweetness and crispy crunch that harkens back to the authentic days of big top carnivals with just a hint of fire to liven up the taste buds; artisanal by All Mine Caramel; Toronto Ontario; 150g;

Chocolate-Covered Pretzels - by Cotard Chocolatier, winner of the 2015 Best Canadian Chocolatier award; Saint-Sauveur Québec; 120g;

Maple Orange Pecans - artisan nuts grown in Fergus, Ontario, spiced and roasted into gourmet nuts - a great roasted nut is one in which the integrity of the nut is kept while infusing flavours like cinnamon, chipotle, chocolate and maple; handmade by Jewels Under the Kilt; 120g;

Pickled Beans - crunchy and sour, with a touch of garlic and spices; artisan by Top Shelf Preserves; Ottawa Ontario; 375ml;

Chocolate Caramel Balls - milk Belgian chocolate-covered caramel balls; Rococo Fine Foods; Calgary Alberta; 56g;

Kick’n Nuts - hot and spicy beer nuts; artisan by Urge Chocolates; Burnaby British Columbia; 75g;

Bacon Salted Caramels - bacon salt, caramel and dark chocolate - says it all; artisan by Urge Chocolates; Burnaby British Columbia; 5 pieces; 65g;

Peanut Butter Cups - simple, yummy and irresistible peanut butter cups; fair trade; organic; soy free; palm oil free; Kosher; Theo Chocolate; Seattle USA; 38g;

Sichuan Almonds Caramel - spicy, chewy, delicious caramel; artisan by Dinette Nationale; Montréal Québec; 50g.

Must be of legal age to order and receive.