Beer Party

$135 CAD

The party-ready gift includes:

Beau’s Lug Tread - Beau’s flagship beer; award-winning Kolsch-style ale; two cans of 473ml;

Red Fox Ale - the extraordinary red colour of this brew will captivate you before even tasting the mild grain sweetness; two cans of 473ml;

Salted Pistachios - crunchy and subtly roasted to preserve their unique taste;

Chocolate Salted Caramel Corn - premium Belgian milk chocolate with caramel corn bits;

Pipers Jalapeño & Dilli Crisps - made using the finest local potatoes combined with jalapeño peppers and aromatic dill;

Maple Cashews - crisp, sumptuous, intense combination of dark chocolate, toasted cashew pieces and hard crack caramel with maple flavour; 

Savoury Cheese Wafers - fine, crunchy waffle style wafer with cheese and for cheese; 

Assorted Truffles - six handmade assorted chocolate truffles each with a unique ganache centre;

Caramelized Hazelnuts - roasted hazelnuts with a caramelized coating to die for; 

Jelly Beans - two packs of assorted jelly beans;

Dark Chocolate Tofflet - buttery English toffee smothered in dark chocolate.

Must be of legal drinking age to order and receive.