Baby Stamp Blanky

$34 CAD

A teeny tiny knit stuffy. Perfect for all babies.

This cloth stamp loves to rub against the tips of babies’ noses. Nibbled or gently caressed, they drift off to dreamland together. Baby stamp lives in a cloth envelope.



- Baby stamp is not a blanket. Unless your baby is an ant!

- Baby stamp is not a hanky. Unless you really, really need one.

- It’s a cloth square that can be used as a nappy, swaddle, favourite object or comforter to snuggle with, cuddle with, and fall asleep with.



24 X 32 cm. 100% cotton and rayon knit, head filled with polyfill. Embroidered face.

Envelope: 16 X 12 cm. 100% Coton.

Baby stamp comes with his personal health record.


Made in Montreal, QC