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Artisan Food Club

$75 CAD


It’s a food-of-the-month club that allows you to discover different local, Canadian and on occasion International Artisan foods.


Every month there will be a different theme featuring a new bundle of 5-6 carefully selected full sized Artisan foods. You will receive at your door step a variety of premium foods that have been lovingly hand-crafted by some super passionate people.

There is very little commitment, you can choose to do a one time thing, or sign up for a three or six-month subscription. Your box of goodies will usually ship out or show up at your doorstep (if you live in Ottawa) during the 3rd week of the month.

This Month's Theme:

Good Karma - Foods That Do Good

Some companies don’t just make great food, they also understand that we are all one - one people sharing one planet.  Here’s a sample of socially-conscious artisans:  Diamond Estates (1914 Valour red wine); Hungry Buddha (Coconut Chips); Flat Rock Cellars (Good Karma white wine); Endangered Species (Dark Chocolate with Forest Mint); Rochon Gardens (Blueberry Jam).

This month's selection also includes an overview of terms used to help us make good food choices:  Organic; GMO; Fair Trade; Bullfrog Power.

Last Month's Theme:

To Your Health

April featured delicious foods, snacks and beverage with spectacular health benefits:  Roasted Chickpeas Maple Flavoured; Classic Chicken and Herb Soup; Crispy Apple Chips; Savoury Almonds; Coconut Macaroons; Pearled Blueberries; and Ginger Kombucha.  You probably feel healthier already!

Coming in June:

It's BBQ Season So Flaunt Your Meat!