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About the Artisan Food Club

What is the Artisan Food Club?

It's a monthly subscription that allows you to discover and taste full-size premium artisan foods from Canada and occasionally, from around the world. The food and beverage items you receive each month are not everyday grocery store items.  The products have been lovingly handcrafted by some very passionate people. Each item in the monthly selection is carefully selected for its quality and is combined with other products to create a theme of the month (i.e. Maple Sap Sparkling Beverage as part of Maple Madness).

Can I suggest new themes or cool products?

Of course! If you know of someone who makes an incredible food product, we would love to hear about it. For any suggestions, just write us at

I'm an artisan, how do I get my product featured in the Artisan Club?

If you are a food maker and you are interested in getting involved or learning more about the Artisan Food Club, please email us at


How it Works

How do I join?

You can subscribe for a period of one, three or six months to have the Artisan Food Club monthly selection delivered to you or to a friend.  An Artisan Food Club subscription is a great and unique idea for a loved one, an employee, or as a unique wedding gift.

How many products will I receive in each Artisan Food Club selection?

You can expect to receive 5-7 full-size items in each box selected according to the theme of the month. Why the range in quantity of products? Some items may have a greater dollar value than others (i.e. truffle oil) so the value of the individual items will dictate how many items will be in one box.

How will I receive my monthly selection?

If you live in the Ottawa region, we will deliver your monthly selection in person.  Otherwise, we will ship the monthly selection using Canada Post's Expedited Parcel service.

How much is shipping?

Shipping per box varies on where in Canada you are located. Three and 6-month subscriptions qualify for free shipping.

When does the Artisan Food Club deliver or ship each month?

We deliver (for Ottawa orders) or ship out on the 15th of the month.  Once you subscribe, we will send your monthly selection on the soonest ship-out day.  You can expect your selection to arrive in 2-6 business days depending on where you live.

What is the cut-off day for ordering a particular month's Artisan Food Club selection?

The last day of the month. If it is past the 15th we will ship out your box 1-2 business days later.

Can I buy past Artisan Food Club selections or products that I really like?

Past Artisan Food Club selections are available for purchase in the gift basket portion of our website. Individual food items can be purchased through our Special Add Ons section.

Will my Artisan Food Club selection arrive at the same time every month?

Yes, once we advice you of your scheduled delivery day, you will receive your selection at the same time each month.


Subscription Renewal

Once my subscription runs out, will I be automatically resubscribed?

No, never.  We don't keep your credit card information. Once your subscription is coming to an end, we send you an email and provide you with the opportunity to resubscribe.

I live outside of Canada, can I still join the Artisan Food Club?

Yes, the Artisan Food Club is now available to most European countries.


Customer Service

How do I report an issue with my subscription or monthly selection?

Please get in touch with us at or, call us at 613-248-9595 or 1-844-248-9595.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the products?

If you are unsatisfied, we will provide you with a full refund.


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