Rideau Canal Sweets

$80 CAD

A gift of sweets placed on a nice blue rectangular glass dish and a cute skating penguin ornament.

Gift Includes:

Bourbon Caramels - creamy luscious bourbon caramels covered in Belgian dark chocolate;

Chocolate-Covered Almonds - crunchy California almonds roasted and covered with bitter chocolate;

Frost Bites - mint-infused chocolate ganache coated in white chocolate; 

Ornament - skating penguin ornament crafted out of resin;

Snowflake Peppermint Bark - dark chocolate covered with a layer of white chocolate and dressed with peppermint candy shavings; 

Fudge Christmas Crackers - a festive cracker-shaped box which pulls open to reveal three generous squares of handmade fudge of sea salted caramel, chocolate orange and speculoos;

Chocouterie Assorted Chocolates - handmade Belgian chocolates. Flavours include: pumpkin spice, mint, dark chocolate ganache, honey pecan caramel, and espresso;

Glass Dish - blue rectangular glass dish.