Breakfast Sweets

$78 CAD

This delicious box is perfect for that special someone who loves their morning jam and marmalade.  Introduce them to this incredible selection of Canadian artisanal preserves and spreads.


The Breakfast Sweets gift box includes:

Fleur de Sel Caramel Spread - a deliciously handmade gooey vanilla caramel spread with crunchy bits of fleur de sel

Pure Maple Butter - this churned organic maple syrup until it is really smooth and creamy like butter

Strawberry Jam - this low-sugar jam is made using fresh ingredients

Whiskey Orange Marmalade - traditional marmalade with a hint of whiskey

Sour Cherry & Rose Jam - an unusual mixture that will dance in your mouth

Nutty Honey - Fresh walnuts and 100% unpasteurized wildflower honey are combined to create a unique tasting experience