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A Blooming Tea

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A Blooming Tea is an exquisite blend of elements, including flowers, tea, chocolate, crackers, and cheese, that come together to create an exquisite sensory experience. The blend of ingredients creates a unique and tantalizing flavor, and can be an extraordinary treat perfect for any occasion.

Gift Includes:

Premium Flowers - premium pink & purple flower bouquet;

Spring Chocolate Barks - an assortment of chocolate barks: milk chocolate rocky road, milk chocolate caramel toffee crispy rice, white chocolate speckled eggs and milk & white chocolate carrot cake;

Cheddar & Thyme Shortbread - rich savoury shortbread to accompany cheese;

Organic Cheddar - aged for 60 days, this cheddar is much appreciated for it's delicately salty flavour and nutty, buttery finish;

English Breakfast Tea Box - full-bodied black leaf flavour gives way to the deep, malty undertones and rich finish that is characteristic of Ceylon finest tea plants;

Peppery Mission Fig Cheese Pleaser - peppery mission fig cheese pleaser, perfect paired with any cheese and crackers;

Honey - incredibly smooth, unpasteurized honey. A perfect addition to your cheese board;

Chocolate Garden Amigos - Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate  flowers & bees figurines;

Mug - tall white mug is accented with a red handle, rim and dots circling its exterior.