$199 CAD

"My doctor recommended I drink tonic water daily to improve my circulation adding that I should add something to it to counteract the bitterness.        
I figured he meant gin."
                               -  My sister

For the gin connoisseur.  The gift includes:

Bombay Sapphire - created from a combination of ten botanicals, including juniper berries from Tuscany, which are vapour infused for delicate extraction resulting  in elegant aromas and complex flavours; available in 375ml and 750ml;

Hendrick's Gin - created from eleven botanicals intermingle with rose and cucumber to create a palate of floral, juniper, and citrus balanced with a creamy texture. Hendrick's prides itself on being a bit out of the ordinary; available in 375ml and 750ml;

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water - by blending the essential oils from the flowers, fruits and herbs gathered from around the Mediterranean shores with the quinine of the highest quality from the fever trees of the Democratic Republic of the Congo creating a delicious, delicate, floral tonic water; pack of four 200ml bottles;

Glencairn Crystal Edinburgh Tumblers - beautiful and elegant mouth-blown, hand-cut and handpolished 24% lead-crystal tumbler made by Glencairn Crystal in Scotland; set of 2 tumblers.  Watch how crystal is made: 

Must be of legal drinking age to order and receive.