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So Sweet

$95 CAD

Looking to satisfy the needs of the sweet tooth in your life?  This gift has it all!

Gift includes:

Chocolate-Covered Almonds - crunchy California almonds roasted and covered with bitter chocolate; Les Amandes de Maribel; Luskville, Québec; 100g; 

Brown Sugared Butter Cookies - the name pretty much says it all and one bite will bring you back to your childhood and the smell of fresh-baked cookies; Israel; 125g;

Spiced Artisan Pecans - artisan nuts grown in Fergus, Ontario, spiced and roasted into gourmet nuts - a great roasted nut is one in which the integrity of the nut is kept while infusing flavours like cinnamon, chipotle, chocolate and maple; artisan by Jewels Under the Kilt; 120g;

Macaroon Crisps - While trying to make a thinner macaroon, Dufflet’s batter spread too thin but she baked it anyway and discovered this coconut sensation! Enrobed in dark chocolate.  gluten free, all natural; Dufflet; Toronto ON; 130g;

Nutt-e Maple Cashew Chocolate Bark - dark chocolate with toasted cashew pieces and hard crack caramel with maple flavour make this little indulgence heavenly; gluten free; GMO free; all natural; Dufflet, Toronto Ontario; 110g;

Low Sugar Blueberry Jam - all the goodness of fresh blueberries come through in this wonderful and not too sweet jam; Rochon Gardens, Edwards Ontario; 250ml;

Sucre à la crème - this traditional Québec spread is intensely sweet and can be added to toast or croissant.  Warm it slightly and add a wallop to a piece of white cake, ice cream or crêpes, artisanal, Saint-Thomas, Québec, 300ml;

Farmstead Caramels - goat milk caramels flavoured with sea salt and pure Bourbon vanilla, Vermont USA, 90g;

Classic Coco Chips - perfectly sweet and crunchy coconut chips with a hint of savoury flavour; no cholesterol; gluten free; GMO free; Hungry Buddha, Montréal Québec; 40g;

Blueberry and Maple Black Tea - discover the virtues of blueberries with this comforting tea made with premium tea and a sweet touch of caramel and maple; artisanal by La Maison du Bleuet, Saint-Félice Québec; 25g;

Exotic Journey Snack - this unique blend of dried cranberries, dried goldenberries, cashews, chickpeas and turmeric is a delicious invitation to visit exotic shores; organic; GMO free; Patience Fruit & Co, Villeroy Québec; 130g.