Triple Wine & Cheese

$130 CAD

This wine & cheese includes:

Apothic Red - ruby colour; aromas include plum, blackberry, spice notes, raspberry and vanilla; medium body;

No. 99 Pinot Grigio - pale colour; light and crisp VQA;

Gentleman’s Collection Cab Sauvignon - a vibrant ruby red wine with pronounced aromas of cherry, strawberry and dried flowers;

Savoury Cheese Wafers - fine, crunchy waffle style wafer with cheese and for cheese;

Sweet Spiced Pecans & Almonds - sweet with just a hint of spice; enjoy on their own or add to a salad;

Parmesan & Rosemary Shortbreads - the classic combination of Parmesan and rosemary makes for a delicious savoury shortbread; 

Mouton Noir - under its black rind is a white, smooth, creamy interior with a slightly sharp taste of fresh Canadian milk;

Crab Apples, Bird Pepper & Nutmeg Cheese Topper - a pleasure with all types of cheese particularly aged cheddars; 

Le Coeur du Village - artisanal cheddar cheese with distinctive veins of red wine; award-winning.