The Sweet Planter

$90 CAD

This planter doesn't yet hold a poinsettia but it is full of treats:

Maple Pecan Fudge - creamy handmade fudge with pecan pieces and maple flavour;

Canadian Ice Wine Truffles - six handmade dark chocolate truffles with a Canadian ice wine ganache centre;

English Breakfast - a robust full-bodied cup with a concentrated character of malt and deep undertones that welcome a bit of milk and sugar;

Choc Stars Queen - very smooth 50% dark chocolate bar;

Chocolate Caramel Snowmen - milk chocolate snowmen with creamy caramel filling;

Goulibeur Shortbread - butter French shortbread cookie;

Caramel & Sea Salt Chocolate Pieces - milk chocolate pieces with bits of caramel and sea salt;

Soft Maple Candy - soft and sweet maple candy in the shape of a maple leaf;

Winter Planter - ceramic planter with snowy trees and birds.