Ultimate Gourmet

$285 CAD

This is the ultimate grand-pumba of gift baskets, it is filled with tons of savoury and sweet gourmet and artisan food from Canada and around the world. 


The Ultimate Gourmet gift basket includes:

Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto - using only fresh Ligurian basil, this fabulous, raw, unpasteurized pesto is made resulting in fresh, aromatic flavours

Antonio Marella Rose-Shaped Pasta - handmade pasta made in Italy from durum wheat semolina pasta. In fact, all the grains used are grown locally by small farmers 

Traditional Pasta Sauce - mouth-watering pasta sauce from old-world family recipes made with sun-kissed olive oils, rich tomatoes

Truffle Oil - olive oil infused with white truffles from Italy

Savoury Shortbread - parmesan and rosemary shortbreads, delicious on their own or with cheese

All Vegetable Antipasto -  an intriguing balance of savoury and sweetness that combines vegetables, olives, spices, aromatic herbs and the smoky sweetness of Canadian maple syrup

Salted Herbs Almonds - crunchy almonds are seasoned with mixed herbs and salt

Gruyère and Pistachio Savouries - hand-baked, all butter biscuits made with freshly grated gruyere, pistachio nuts, egg and clotted cream

Sun Dried Tomato Spread - ideal on a cracker or as a gourmet addition to you recipe

Basil Olive Oil - made using the freshest extra virgin olive oil, mix it with balsamic vinegar and dip your bread in it

Denissimo 26-year-old Balsamic Vinegar - a truly exceptional balsamic vinegar aged and sourced from Modena, Italy

Stubbe Artisan Chocolate Truffles - exquisite flavours of chocolate truffles chosen specially to be paired with wine

Valencia Chocolate Bar - a dark chocolate bar with orange peel

Tiramisu Truffles -a creamy white chocolate ganache and the unmistakable flavour if tiramisu, balanced with luscious dark chocolate

Laura Slack Chocolate Bark - sour cherries and roasted pistachios topped with sea salt in luxurious dark chocolate

Lemon Almond Biscotti - crunch but not too hard in texture and made with the finest ingredients