Christmas or Xmas?

It doesn't matter how you spell, Christmas or Xmas, it is now just around the corner!  We can still ship baskets destined for outside the Ottawa-Gatineau area and have them under the tree for December 25.  Order now!

Attention Business and Corporate Customers

Just a quick reminder that our special for 20 or more gift baskets ends tomorrow, Friday December 12th.  Don't miss out on a 10% discount - order now!  

Can't find exactly what you are looking for?  Give us a call and we'll design a basket to meet your needs and budget.  



Christmas Basket Delivery

This marks day two of Christmas basket deliveries.  Some of our corporate customers like their gift baskets out there early to stand out from the rest.  Will tomorrow's snow stop our drivers?  Absolutely not!  Neither sleet, snow or rain...
December 09, 2014 — Natasha Woodman

Fruit Cake Yumminess

When we think fruit cake, we sometimes think of store-bought dry cakes, but we would like to introduce you to something completely different.  Sushina's Fruit Cake is moist, full of fruits and nuts.  The moistness comes from a combination of rum and the sherry marinate.  This fruit cake is truly delicious!
December 06, 2014 — Natasha Woodman

Peppermint Ski Poles Everywhere!

Chef Sushina arrived today with trays and trays of Peppermint Ski Poles - premium candy canes freshly dipped in dark chocolate, mmmm!  These delightful treats can be found in the following gift baskets:  Santa's Sleigh, Holiday Brunch, Sweet Festive Treats, and Warming Joy which also features the holiday favourite Bailey's Original Irish Cream!  Guaranteed to warm you up indeed!