Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala 2017 is delighted to participate again in the Ottawa Riverkeeper Gala 2017.  The Ottawa River is key to the health and well-being of the over 1.7 million people who live within the watershed. But with so much pressure on the river the future of our watershed is threatened by pollution, over-development, dams, weakened laws and lax enforcement of existing regulations.

Pollution on the Ottawa River comes from many sources: sewage from cities and towns; pesticides and fertilizers from farms; effluents from the industries along the river. These pollutants kill wildlife, close beaches and result in consumption warnings for fish caught on the river.

Since 2002, Ottawa Riverkeeper has been at the forefront of fighting pollution on the Ottawa River. With our expert knowledge of river systems and pollution remediation we work cooperatively with all levels of government and industry to help find solutions to stop the pollution that damages our river.

We also help communities and citizens’ groups fight polluters. In 2012, for example, we worked with a town council in Quebec worried about pollution from a storage facility upriver from their drinking-water intake. With the help of our Riverkeeper, the town council was able to understand the regulations, determine the validity of the water quality results presented by the company, and ensure that the technologies were in place to protect the town’s drinking water.

We wish the Ottawa Riverkeeper and all attendees an absolutely wonderful evening and deep pockets for the live auction: 

May 31, 2017 — Maya Andrews

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